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Nul !

Ne marche pas


Ne marche pas. 0/10


Appli ki marche , free en plus.


Excellent and précise speedmeter. Recommended

Very good

Does everything it says with greatness.GOD bless you all!!!

very good

well done

Very Accurate

Very stable, simple and accurate.


Does the job and accurate

It is what i need, i like it

No unnecessary stuff on screen, easy to use. If one likes simple and reliable, go for it.


I downloaded this app last summer so i could check the accuracy of the speedometer in my boat. I first checked it against the speedo in my brothers car. It was right on. I then checked it against the one in my boat and found its speedometer was out almost 6mph. I also use it while riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. Just to see how fast i am going. The only thing i can think of to improve it would be to have it memorize the maximum attained speed and then be able to reset and check again. More or less for safety reasons. I wouldnt have to keep looking at it. Especially while riding a dirt bike. Plus i would be able to keep my phone in my pocket where it would be safer. Mike.

Awesome app!

Works great. Gives me an accurate speed on all my motorized accessories.


Works great use in my car my car speedometer is broken

Great Free GPS-accurate speedo

A 1-trick Pony but a very useful trick none the less. From finding your cars speedo error to helping you maintain a ticket- free speed, it does the job simply and accurately. I use it often on trips setting cruise control, and by foot alone depending on what vehicle Im driving. Ads are unobtrusive and not an issue for me (and I am very Ad-intolerant). Recommended.

Great app

Does the job great - measures the speed. Used it on bullet train in Japan and was great to see how fast the train was going.

Works well

Needed a speedometer to check my boat...this did the trick!

Used to work but stopped working since some OS update!

It used to work ok. But stopped working since one of the OS update. Never work again. The advertising message updates well though. Finally had to delete this app

Its great

This app is GREAT! My ratrod has no speedo anymore and this app all I need when Im not cruising with friends

Wont work on 3GS

This engineered obsolescence is more than frustrating. My phone works fine, except for all the apps that dont.


Seams to work

Good app

The app works well as expected

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