Speedometer Free Speed Box App Reviews

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Great app!

Speedometer went out when battery was replaced, common problem in the make/model of my car. This free app is a great replacement to spending $100s to fix speedometer. Would be nice if it had input for cost/mileage per gallon when filling up. Maybe the paid version has that ?!

Great tool!

My old Jeep has a faulty speedometer because of the oversized tires. This app is really helpful. Just Velcro my phone to the dash and its all good!


I love this app. I use it for my dirt bike and its pretty cool. Its got a bunch of cool features. Totally recommend if youre into motocross or riding in general.

Works flawlessly

Very clean and easy to use. Hasnt let me down.

Speed box

I love it it doesnt use data. And it works on airplane mode!

Old Car Speedo

Used the Pro version of this app to accurately check the speed of my 1959 British car. Worked great and helped me to measure how accurate the cars speedometer was. The Pro version saves your high, low & average speed, which you can then email. Was happily surprised how fast my old car could go.

Fav Speedometer App:)

Great for knowing mph when your speedometer is having issues! Ive used the free Speed Box countless times on my vintage Honda bike, but the ads won over my $3.99.. A little higher when compared to other speedo apps, but no other app has the awesome features Speed Box offered! The GPS mapping speedometer is the sht & all the HUD varieties are all very clean and precise. Probably the most useful $4 Ive spent in the App Store! Great work!

Works/dont work

Works great on one phone iPhone older version. Only works sporadically on the newer iPhone

CEO, Maben Land & Cattle, LLC

Easy to use even on the first time


Like it. Its basic and accurate.

Outstanding app

Very accurate readings when the gps signal is accurate.

Good app

This app has good accuracy. I depend on it for reference when traveling across the country


This app is phenomenal. I used it to adjust the percentage error on my motorcycle speedometer and was able to get my speedometer within 1-2 mph of all the local speed displays. Functionality is great, does what its supposed to do.


Accurate speedometer app.

Love this app!

We use it on our boat and for road trips! This app is awesome!!!

İts show speed by 5 km afew


Best app ever

very clear very bright spend the money to get rid of the ads an get the extra features you get GPS altitude and average speed all kinds of cool stuff I give it a big thumbs up


Rebuilt classic Chevy pickup. Replaced 15" wheels with 18" which caused the speedometer to be off. Downloaded this for actual speed. Works great. I recommend it!

Simple And Effective

This app does exactly what says it will do. Very simple interface, but effective. I needed a way to measure the top speed of a golf cart and a jet ski. I was worried about the accuracy of the app, so I checked it against my car speedometer and the GPS on my boat. Both confirmed the app was accurate. Couldnt be happier!

VERY helpful. Great app

This app is great! I bought a moped with a speedometer that didnt work and didnt want to spend the money on getting one put in. This app is very accurate and I tested it in a car to see if it was accurate or not an it was! I now use this app everytime I go somewhere on my moped and just bought a Nite Ize phone holder for my handle bars. Great app and saves me ALOT of money. I would recommend it to anyone!

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