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Version light

Rigolo mais manque de précision certainement a cause du manque de précision du gps de l iphone. Sinon la version light ne sert a rien

fiabilite a revoir

le concept est pratique mais ne detecte pas tjs la vitesse. Pb d Iphone ?

Va moi ça marche plutôt bien :)

Jai telecherge cette application et ça marche bien.la vitesse plutôt précise , j opte même pour me l acheter depuis que jai essayer le hud (très lisible la nuit en affichage numérique).

Très bien !

Je ne pense pas quun jour jen aurai besoin lorsque je lai télécharger mais il ma vraiment servit quand le compteur de la voiture de mon ami est tombé en panne. Très bonne appli !


Compteur fonctionnant très bien .. Du moins mieux que les autres gratuit aussi.

Nickel ! ! !

Gratuit et fonctionne bien en voiture.

Plutôt très bien pour du gratuit 

Précis, changement de vitesses chaque seconde  en numérique cest une des seules app du genre à afficher aussi gros et net  Je demanderais juste une fleur aux développeurs, à propos de cette app gratuite: cest de placer le "HUD" au moins sur le gros compteur numérique ...juste ça. Merci


Fait ce quon lui demande

Agréable, joli, clair, précis, fiable

Excellente appli. Jai fait des heures de tests et les résultats sont excellents (très précis et fiable sur 3GS comme sur 4). Les affichages proposés sont très clairs, toutes les unités de mesures pratiques sont disponibles. Vraiment abouti. Nb : Comme toutes les appli GPS, consomme beaucoup de courant. Dans ma voiture je lutilise avec un chargeur.

Fuyez la pub

La pub cache le compteur ce qui rend lappli inutile. Et la version payante est trop chère.


Spot on

Love it

Love it

Very accurate!

It’s actually accurate and really neat

Easy and accurate

It’s great to have but it really needs an option where it tells you your speed. Maybe by touching the main screen. Or set for a certain amount of seconds, or each minute. It could be adjusted by the user.


Shows awesome features but when you download the app you don’t have any of them and they want you to buy them for 3.99.

Ok Needs added data

Loaded this so to replace app that did not work in ios11 Need to add timer to distance and speed display

Speed wrong

Going about 50 mph and it say that I’m going 97 mph

Love speed box

My speedometer went out on a trip and speed box saved me. Great app ! Very accurate !


Don’t install. It do not give real time train speed & just want you to install pro version.

Good as far as it goes,

... but would like to scale the maps to view more area. A two- to five-mile radius helps in viewing upcoming maneuvers.

Didn’t work ...

for me.

Amazing, Yet Simple

I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now and it has always worked smoothly with no issues. Came in handy when the odometer in my car went out and kept it ever since.

Simply Good

No video ads and is what it advertises.

Great app

It’s a really great app and very useful. To the people saying that it doesn’t work you need to have the latest iOS update for it work, but all in all really great app

Love It - But...

Works great however interface needs work on iPhone 8 and new iPad. Speed won’t center so you have the digital read out way at the top of screen with all empty space below. Works great to calculate speed but graphics are lacking!

Rip Off

They do not even show the price in the App Store they just show the button to get it then they charge you on the back end —rip off

Doesn’t work

Doesn’t show a speed at all

Annoying advertisement top of page!!

I despise the advertisement on the top. Crowds the overall screen. I tried everything to remove it. Love it otherwise. Looks like I’ll be looking for a new Speedo app.

Waste of money- does not work

It does not work - waste of money

Locked up

Can’t get it to work.

Great app

I am an avid cyclist who loves to find new paths to ride. This app is not only great for speed and distance but the map assists me in navigating my way home.

Doesn’t work

Never gets above zero

Short changed

When I originally downloaded this app 3 years ago, it had more options... now their charging for the options they use to provide for free, with zero ads.



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Essential for boating and water sports

Worked great when I went to Lake Powell. Perfect for getting to the right speed for water skiing and etc.

It works as intended...

A few of my work trucks speed-o is broken, this is an alternative.

Very useful app

Excellent tool. Great for use on a boat to discover true distance and speed traveled.

Free and awesome

My speedometer doesn’t work in my 87 gt mustang so this is perfect

Works when it works

The app works great when it works. Unfortunately, about 50% of the time the circle in the top left is red instead of green and it does not recognize any speed. I have tried adjusting location settings and even restarting my phone and nothing helps.

New version poor

I use this app primarily for the speedometer to check golf cart speed. It used to be great - big dial easily readable with phone sitting in the seat. Now there’s a tiny little dial and you have to look closely at it and count the dashes to figure out the mph. Horrible! Of no use to me and I won’t use it any more. I don’t need a map on my speedometer app - there are better apps for maps. ☹️

Where’s the directions?

I just purchased this app. Where is he directions. Everything I tap on, asks me if in any to upgrade! 🤬

Speedo in op

Works part of the time does not wanna link up with the satellite for the GPS tried to reboot still will not work

Does not speed. I am on a bullet train Japan. This app

This app reads 0 mph. I am hurtling along at over 150 mph, yet this app reads zero. Do I have to pay to get this to work? I am okay with ads appearing. Please advise. And this having to supply a nickname is ridiculous.

40 model

Thanks for the speed odometer it works great in my 40 model.




Great and accurate

Used to work really well.

Lately it’s been taking a lot longer to register my speed on start up. Used to be about 5-10 seconds. Now takes about 5 minutes.

Doesn’t read correct speed

So far I’ve seen a lot of really good reviews and no problems but I was on my kx 250 earlier today and I was going as fast as I could and it was only reading 19 as the fastest and I know it goes faster than that pls fix it

Nice to have

You never know, when your a driver, if the speed-o-meter is accurate. This app alone has saved me a ton of money. I always check check the trucks that I drive and this app has never let me down. Thank You Speed box

Doesn’t work

It doesn’t register speed and the ads are annoying


Doesn’t work. Others are instantaneous this has been on ten minutes cars at 70 mph but apparently we’re doing ‘0’.

Doesn’t work

I’m sat on a moving TGV train, and it says I’m moving at 0 mph

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6s

This does not work on my phone no matter what I do restart the phone delete the app and re-download it nothing works.


Junk doesn’t work

Awesome speedometer app!

I use this app on my iPhone 7 plus while I’m out in my vintage 1948 plymouth. My speedometer is broken and I’ve not been able to find another one as of late :( works great




This app is great for when you’re riding a four wheeler so I can see the distance I’ve gone and the speed i am driving at.

Rarely works

Almost every single time that I tried to use this app, it would be frozen when I opened it and show 0 mph. I had to try and close out and go back in multiple times for it to finally work, but it wouldn’t even work every time.

Great Help!

I have a digital speedometer and this app really saved my life when I thought my speed was off. It helped me track my speed and realize my speedometer was off by 20 points.. then I realized I had it set to kilometers instead of miles...yup...I felt dumb. But great app!!


Outstanding speedometer app

Awesome app

I use this app all of the time on my dirt bike and it works really good!👍 I would 100% recommend this to other people.

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