Speedometer Speed Box App App revisa

Mto bom

Vale a pena! Funciona 100%



Super App

Ich liebe es


Top Super!


Super App


Perfetta l ho provata stasera in macchina e andava benissimo.

Nice to have

You never know, when your a driver, if the speed-o-meter is accurate. This app alone has saved me a ton of money. I always check check the trucks that I drive and this app has never let me down. Thank You Speed box

Doesn’t work

It doesn’t register speed and the ads are annoying


Doesn’t work. Others are instantaneous this has been on ten minutes cars at 70 mph but apparently we’re doing ‘0’.

Doesn’t work

I’m sat on a moving TGV train, and it says I’m moving at 0 mph

Doesn’t work on iPhone 6s

This does not work on my phone no matter what I do restart the phone delete the app and re-download it nothing works.


Junk doesn’t work

Awesome speedometer app!

I use this app on my iPhone 7 plus while I’m out in my vintage 1948 plymouth. My speedometer is broken and I’ve not been able to find another one as of late :( works great




This app is great for when you’re riding a four wheeler so I can see the distance I’ve gone and the speed i am driving at.

Rarely works

Almost every single time that I tried to use this app, it would be frozen when I opened it and show 0 mph. I had to try and close out and go back in multiple times for it to finally work, but it wouldn’t even work every time.

Great Help!

I have a digital speedometer and this app really saved my life when I thought my speed was off. It helped me track my speed and realize my speedometer was off by 20 points.. then I realized I had it set to kilometers instead of miles...yup...I felt dumb. But great app!!


Outstanding speedometer app

Awesome app

I use this app all of the time on my dirt bike and it works really good!👍 I would 100% recommend this to other people.

Love it!

Didn’t have a speedometer on my pontoon boat before, but I do now! The app also has an odometer & map feature, starts up quick & the price is right - what’s not to love!


Good if your speedometer is broken

Doesn’t work iPhone X



App stopped working after a while

Not working

When I first downloaded the app at work but the next time I tried to use it maybe a day or so later nothing works and I’m not able to use it anymore it was good until it stopped working

Quit working

It quit working and hasn’t done a thing for two weeks. Updating and still nothing. Uninstall and reinstall again nothing. Disappointing

Does not work

App is non-functional


I have used this app for YEARS and it’s never disappointed. Always found it to be accurate. Good job!

Really good

This is a really good speedometer app. That’s just what I use it for anyway others use it for other stuff. It tells me an accurate speed of which I’m going since my truck doesn’t like to read the right speed 100% of the time, and at times like the end of the month when cops need to give out those last minute tickets this really saves my arse!

Love it!

When I drive my grandmothers car, the speedometer randomly goes out. Love this app for quick drives when the speedometer just won’t work!

Heads up

Still need the heads up display night or day

Great app

Been using this app for a few years now. I have a 1972 Chevelle and my speedometer doesn’t work properly and it’s to expensive to fix right now. So that being said this app works awesome in leu of a replacement part. Down fall: if your in a spot where you loose signal you loose your speedo.

Great app

Am using in a classic car in which the speedometer doesn’t work... Goes well

Do not download!!!

They are stealing money from your credit card!!!! I can’t update or download anything because they are charging me $21. For subscribing when I didn’t, I downloaded the app for and didn’t like it so I deleted it and now they are still trying to change me! Good thing I used a no good Credit card that has no money in it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!! 0 STARS!!!!!!!

On a plane!!

I have successfully used this app on planes! It’s pretty darn cool to see the ground speed over the map. Use the in air WiFi and good to go!


So far. So good!

I’m up uon u

you uI’m u up hujI’m



Great App

A great app ! Simple to use , and very accurate. We use it to check our cars Speedometers and I even use it on my bicycle rides. Thanks for a great app

Awesome app

Very awesome app

It does what you need it to do

This is a solid no frills so that does what you need it to do, show your current speed. Haven't had any issues with it crashing or not working. Solid app.

Excellent app

I’ve been using this app, I think since it was first developed and when my father in laws speedometer head needed replaced I introduced him to this app, he uses it now when driving his suburban. Thank you 😊




Much unlike any of the other apps out there nowadays this one is quite simple and I love that about it. I buy and sell vehicles quite a bit and a truck that’s been lifted with bigger tires always has an incorrect speedometer so this handy app helps me out big time.

Top speed

Tops out at 88mph and shows 3 0’s


Awesome app


Everything is fine except I can’t get the ads to stop popping up on the top.!!.... is there a way to stop that or not if anybody knows let me know.


Saved me when my speedometer failed.


0mph speed on a running bullet train in Italy is not a good indicator of a working App. Total BS. Deleting after 1more try.


Very good. It’s the best free speed app I found. Great use it when I ride my dirt bike! Great!


This app is very accurate and extremely dependable per my experience. In fact, I purchased the app to remove adds, which is something I never do.

Speed Box

I had an older version that worked well. This one can’t find a satellite for accuracy so no speed shows. I won’t waste money for ad free version if the free one won’t work.

Good site.

Works great.

System has weakened

The latest version has degraded. Map function will not track position


I use speedbox to check trolling speed on my boat, works great!

This app is trash

Does not work

Great app

I up it in my classic car where it rotates to fit the position. My speedometer is about 15% fast so it help me stay legal greatly.

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