Speedometer Speed Box App App revisa

Mto bom

Vale a pena! Funciona 100%



Super App

Ich liebe es


Top Super!


Super App


Perfetta l ho provata stasera in macchina e andava benissimo.

To many ads.

Didnt work.

Hardly works on turf that's not road

I ran outside going 3or4 mph and nothing popped up on the speedo

Stopped working.

I have a 5s. When I drive it sits at zero. I am not sure if this because you added an advertising banner feed. Also, when it does work it goes up and down on the speed.

One cool tool!!

You can only ask an app to do what it says it will- and this one does! Real time speed - be it walking, running, biking, or gettin away from the ex wife. When u don’t have a speedometer or just enjoy being a backseat driver, here’s an app that can make it happen! Sure to piss-off all your friends and family- promising a whole lotta fun! 5 STARS⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you

My speedometer doesn’t work on my truck and this one works exactly like it should. I tested it and it’s exact.

Main speed display problem:

ATTN development team: I recently downloaded your speed display app for my 🍏 device hoping to have a little extra technology to help monitor speed with digital and I also I like the H.U.D. Option 😁. As a O.T.R truck driver the more technology i have to use for performance data I have the better. I paid the few $ to have the full package without having to deal with marketing adds. So the problem is the display screen. The viewing area looks magnified to the point you only get a corner view of the tachometer/odometer, the speed data chart only comes to view with the iPad ↕️. Please look into this and fix problems so I can give a stronger 🌟 review.

Doesn't work

Tried several times, stays on 0

Awesome app!

Any thanks .. this one is a must have


This app has more than you really need and smarter than a whole lot of vehicles. Very very dependable in an area with a lot of speed traps. Saved my bacon more than once. Thanks a bunch

Good app

Very accurate, I use this app on the boat all the time.

Doesn’t work in China

Doesn’t work


Accurately rates your speed.

Not working since longtime

Not working since longtime


By far the most fun, and useful app I have!!! HUD is very nice! Saved me $500, almost put one in my Vette! Kudos!!! Works great in my truck also. JR Denver


Works great highly recommend

Go back to the old version

I have been using this app for quite a while. These new updates are ruining this app. Ads change size now, the screen goes screwy if you start it with your phone sideways. This used to be a five star app. If this doesn’t change soon, I’ll be changing apps. Go back to your older version.

From great to horrible

Started out great. After a while it started jumping around til it stopped working all together. I even took it off and re downloaded it. Still not working.

Accurate yes. Fast no.

I downloaded this (and assuming it would work how I wanted paid for the $4 pack with no ads) and tried it out today. I just put a new cam, clutch, transmission, & flywheel in this weekend. Broke it in 100 Miles, then wanted to put it to the test. I don’t have a camera to put on my car’s speedometer, so I thought I’d download the app and screen capture the 0-60 and whatnot. Not good for this application as it does lag a bit. I should know better but oh well. It matched up fairly well when I maintained one speed.

Pretty Accurate for Jeeps with bigger tires

Compared it to the speedo on a bunch of new cars, and it is pretty accurate. Works Great for guys running bigger tires than original and they’re speedo is off

Could get better

When I first started using this app around New Years it worked perfectly, but now whenever I turn my phone sideways the speed isn’t in the circle and the advertisements are covering up my speed to where I can barely tell how fast I’m going which isn’t good because the speedometer for my car doesn’t work and I can’t get it fixed until I have enough money.

Not too good

Works great when it works. Just don’t work very often


Muy precisa, y útil cuando tienen el cuenta millas de tu auto con problema,muchas gracias.

A glitch or a bug maybe

Hello I’m a user of this said app, and it worked flawlessly before iOS 11. Now idk what is wrong with it, most of my speedometer apps seem to not run, or want to work at all I have a iPhone 6s and it has the newest update, and all other apps are the newest they can be. Looking for some help thank you.


Great app

Ads take up half the screen

While the app does work, the ads are so intrusive that it makes the speedometer difficult to read. Edit: I’ve actually had the speedometer completely cutoff by ads now, that completely ruins the purpose of the app. After the ad that took up half the screen went away the speedometer couldn’t even adjust itself back to normal.

Doesn’t work

Just keeps running ads


The adds tend to jack up the speedometer when ever you try to use it.


Love it

Great application!!

It works wonderfully and very accurate 👍👍

Good Speedometer

This is a pretty great app for the iPhone! I paid for the “pro” $4 and it’s pretty well worth it. But why oh why is there no iwatch app for this at the price point they’re asking for? I was thinking this would be incredibly awesome for snowboarding/skiing! Please make an iwatch app!!


Thank you! My speedometer broke and this helped me keep track of how fast I was going

Great App!

I got this app for using on our VW vanagon, because the 30-year-old speedometer mechanism is wildly in accurate, sometimes 20 mph. Program is accurate and helps me stay within the limit wherever I’m driving, especially on the freeway. I would highly recommend this program!

Not good for speed

Doesn’t go over 125mph


Need more satellites

Was good

Since ios11 when you turn iPhone sideways the ad knock the digital speedometer halfway off the screen don't know if the app owner can fix it but it would be nice and get it to a 5 star rating for me.

Best free app ever

My speedometer stopped working but app saved the day and it's free.

Speed Box

I think it’s a great app but I paid for the app and later I changed phone now I need to pay again. I don’t think is fair

Do waste your money

Had the free Version for a long time and it worked great upgraded paid $3.99 to up grade now it always freezes up or saying GPS signal to low I’m very disappointed

Speed Box - for your vintage car

What a great option while you’re waiting on the universe to drop a vintage speedo in your vehicle.


Works well

Compass is backward

I like this app, but it tells me I am going West when I am going East. If I turn the phone upside-down, it displays the correct direction.

Almost Perfect

Works as advertised - only flaw I’ve noticed is with the altitude tracker. Unlike the speed graph, the altitude graph does not reset itself over time, and when the app is turned on initially, the altitude readout is sea level... meaning a rapid rise in elevation if you live in a high altitude area. If the graph reset I mentioned earlier is added, this becomes a non-issue, but until then, I have to wait a minute or two for altitude to catch up, then reset data if I want a useable graph.

Ads ads ads

I understand the point is to pay for the app. The problem is, unless you pay, it's useless. The ads cover half the screen and you can not get rid of them.

Well, it’s free..

Worked great first day. Hasn’t worked since. Kinda disappointed.

The description for this app is misleading

The description for this app says “Speed Box is a free speedometer, odometer, and compass for the iPhone” Unless I am missing something, there is no compass with this app unless you pay for the “Pro” version.

Great app

Basic but sufficient Too many ads

Waste of time, money and space.

App is worthless.


I suddenly lost the speedometer in my car. This App got me through my trip, without a ticket, until I could get the car into the shop.

Love it

It is the most accurate app I’ve ever seen.

Good app

I can't update it anymore as my phone is too old, iPhone 5c, can only run up to iOS 10.3.3 so I only gave 3 stars as I cannot see the new version. My speedometer went on my jeep so I use this. I tested it in another car and it matches almost perfectly with the speed.

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