Speedometer Speed Box App App revisa

Mto bom

Vale a pena! Funciona 100%



Super App

Ich liebe es


Top Super!


Super App


Perfetta l ho provata stasera in macchina e andava benissimo.

Used to be good

My speedometer on my car doesn’t work—I used to use this app and it used to be a speedometer but now it’s a GPS screen with a tiny speedometer in the corner, no good anymore!


This app is exactly what I wanted. I have a bike and wanted to know how fast I was going. There are no pop up ads which is great. Get this app!

Not bad

Just downloaded the app. Fo far it works well, just what I needed.

Great tool

Use it to test cars accurately at work. Motorcycle, mini bikes, snowmobiles, skateboards (dog power) and anything else I care to. Used others, this is the best I’ve found. Speed Box!! Get It!!

Will not update

Will not update, it does not realize iphone is at ios 1033. 10/06/17 Still will not update, due to not knowing my ios is 10.3.3 , FIX IT ALREADY.

Great app

You never know when your speedometer may break or even be off. This app will help you save yourself a ticket

Great App

Stable, no problems. Love the "mirror" setting. You place the phone on the dash so that it reads low in the windshield - a true heads up display. See ur speed without taking ur eyes off the road! Got the app when my speedo stopped working. Speedo fixed now, but I still use the app on long road trips at night. Quite accurate.

GPS vs analog

I have a 2008 smart for two. With this app I discovered the speedometer way optimistic at freeway speeds. 65 indicated is really 60. 70 is 65. It catches up at 75+. So thanks to the creator of this app as it’s been very useful.

Like it, but having update issue.

I used this on a recent Amtrak excursion half way across the country. Loved knowing how fast the train was going! But now the update will not load correctly even though I have the right IOS. Please fix.

Works anywhere

I used where there is now cellular signal and it works as advertised. Hate the ads


It’s a lot slower that it supposed to read my wife has the same one and there of my 20

Do not bother with this app

This app just doesn’t work. It does not register speed or distance. All settings are turned on. Don’t bother.

Works great!

I use this app in my truck that has a broken speedometer and this works so well I haven’t bothered to get it fixed lol Also like the odometer function

Helped me calibrate my speedometer

Some of you may know that auto manufacturers will set a "corrected" speed to show on your dash. This is often between 5-10% over your "true" speed which is displayed on those speed readers on the side of the road next to speed limit signs (AND this app). The likely reason for this is so you do not drive too fast by offering a buffer for your speed-demon. This app allowed me to estimate the differential of my "true" speed and my "corrected" speed. I then took these estimations to adjust my speedometers on my Triumph Daytona 675R(+6%), Suzuki SV650(+7%), and BMW 335i(+7%) via the obd connections and speedohealer. The only con I can think of is that apps like this will terminate any excuses of your speedometer not working for those of you riding with broken dashes (although RPMs and temps are a different story)

Ravenbluesky has the best review


Seeet app

Good app to have!

problem with new update

first of all, I want to say that I do like the app and I do give it four stars, but there is a problem with the new updated, version eight says that it requires iOS 10.3.3 or later, but when I look up my phones current iOS it is the 10.3.3 so I am confused to why it is not updating. But other than the problem of the update I am very happy with the app.

Constantly advising of updates

No matter how many times I download the update, the App Store always alerts me that the same update is ready for updating. The app itself is very nice, but the constant alerts are annoying. EDIT: Could we'll be 'operator' error as I have an iPhone 5 and the app requires at least an iPhone 5s. My apologies to the developer.

It worked for what I needed

This app was used to check mph on my boat and cycle. Tested against two of my vehicles, worked excellent!!!

Best speedometer app

My speedometer on my motorcycle broke and I use this app on it now and it is amazing.


Love the ability to check the speed of different things. My golf cart, bicycle, and Jeep with no speedometer. Thanks

No instruments in car

I have used this app for years as my instrument cluster has been burnt out in my car for over 180k miles. The speedometer is very accurate and so is the compass. Would recommend to anyone.

Doesn’t ask you to rate

Auto 5 stars for that.

Will not update

For the last two days, Speedtest will not update to the new version saying it requires iOS 10.3.3 even though iOS 10.3.3 IS installed.

Best speedo on App Store! Please add 2nd trip meter :)

This speedometer app is leaps and bounds better than anything else out there, love this app! Developer, please add another trip meter :) I use this on my motorcycle and it's awesome, only wish it had a second trip meter so I can calculate how much gas I have left, mpg etc.

👌🏼Very useful

I drive a great looking 1980 C10 with a 400 and it's a little rough mechanically and was wired with a extension cord 😳 but is no long and the lights in the Speedo and well most of the gauges aren't bright enough so this app tells me my speed in the dark which is GREAT!! Saw this on Roadkill from the Jeep-rod episode and others.

Use everyday in every car!

I have driven with this app for 3156.5 miles and use it in all my vehicles. Super accurate and I figured out one of my cars that I thought was correct on the speedo was actually off!


I recently restored an 48 volt golf cart and wanted to know how fast it would go, so driving around the neighborhood I was at 24 mph. I was skeptical but happened upon a police radar trailer that indicates vehicle speed and sure enough it registered 24 mph! I’m very happy with the App as it also shows your mileage with the odometer built right into the App.


I was worried about updating this app. It worked well enough with the previous version, sure it reads a few mph off, but with my car's speedometer broken, this is what I go off of. Today on my way to work, the ad at the top ended up taking up half the screen. When the app rotated with the phone, the formatting completely screwed up, and made it difficult to read what speed I was going. The update has issues to be addressed

Love It, but Feature Request

Awesome app. Use it all the time and works great. However, PLEASE add a option in the settings to disable auto screen rotation. It is a pain to remember to have to turn on iOS screen rotation lock every time I use this app.

Check out the latest update

I always liked the clean simple layout. Can add more features now if you like. Works great on motorcycles, with your phone in a handle bar mount.

Good investment

Almost every vehicle I have owned the speedometer refuses to work I downloaded the free version and the ads drove me insane so I had to buy there really isn't much different from the free. Version and the app aside from being able to make more setting changes

Great app

All my dashboard dials broke so this app has helped so much 😀

Excellent App

Needed a simple speedometer and odometer for my bike rides this app served my needs flawlessly. The easy to read speedometer helps me maintain my speed and keep track of mileage. No commercial advertisements is a super plus. Thanks for a great free easy to use app. May upgrade to the paid version just to say thanks.

Great app

Works great for me. Very accurate and easy to use. If you are curious if your speedometer is accurate or want to know how fast your train is traveling this works great.

Love it

The only speedometer app I would recommend. Works like a charm. Am definitely going to buy the pro package as soon as I can!!

Love it

Lifted my truck recently and had no way of knowing how far off the speedometer was because of the bigger tires. This app has saved me from so many tickets..


The app is really good!

It's working


Awesome and accurate

I run 35s on my truck and i needed something to tell me my speed difference because im 3-7 mph faster than my speedometer is set, it keeps me going the legal limit.


Very good

Does what it says on the tin.

Works great


Best app for GPS speed out there. I use it for moped building and tuning


This app does not work at all! I'm on 3G or LTE all the time and the only message I see is "GPS accuracy too low". I'm yet to see a single speed reading.




Works good and is accurate


Great idea


Shows very accurate speed and map location for a free app. If it showed where you are going instead of just where you are it'd be a perfect gps app! Definitely 5 star for what it is though.


Excellent. Thank you for the great, free product.

Go fast!!!

This app is awesome to be able to clock your speed on a bike, skateboard, skateboarding with the dog, running after crooks, or clocking your speed on a snowboard. Two thumbs up!

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